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I never used to be that boring friend; the friend who needs to stay in on a Saturday night to save money. The friend who can’t come out for dinner as they ‘already have one social event booked in for this week, and you’ll just have to wait until next’ – sound familiar? It will, if you’re a young homeowner.

In the premise of giving you guys a little insight into my life, I thought I’d give you the 4/11 into owning a home. I’m 25, I live alone, I own my own gaff. It’s got its ups, but Jesus, it’s got its downs. Don’t get me wrong, owning my own home has always been my dream. I remember when I was little, and people used to ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, owning a place to call my own was up there, straight after being a photographer and a fairy princess… but it’s so much harder than I ever imagined it would be.

Being a young couple, & owning your first home with your partner is a completley different kettle of fish; don’t get me wrong, I am not belittling the worries of other young homeowners. But being able to lean on your significant other for support sounds to me, blissful.

In upcoming posts on this blog, I am going to provide aid, support and tips for other independents out their, who are owning their own little piece of heaven (or hell, depending on what day you catch me on…). I’ll be passing on whatever wisdom or shortcomings I run into, making sure you all learn from my mistakes. For now, take these three factoids with you, just to give you a little taster of what’s to come.

1. Get Organised

Snooze-fest, I know, but becoming organised when it comes to your home really will become your best friend. If you’re like me and you work for yourself then you’ll know that routine doesn’t really come as second nature to us freelancers. Constructing order and keeping to a timetable is literally my worst enemy, and I am a sucker for not keeping consistency. The human race are creatures of habit; not matter how much you try to convince yourself that you love to be spontaneous I know deep down you love a bit of routine, you can’t kid a kidder.

It could be something big like keeping a record on your calendar of the dates your bills go out. With reminders two days before to actually make sure you have enough money in your current account (don’t pretend like you haven’t been there). Or it could be something really small, like washing your clothes the same days each week (mine are Mondays and Thursdays, thanks for asking…). Adding this element of organisation to how you keep your home will act as respite in the future, I promise.

2. Know Your Money

Us Brits love to be stuffy about money; people don’t like talking about it, or even thinking about it for that matter. It’s so easy to stick your head in the sand and think “Oh I’ll just got out for that Nando’s, I’ll deal with the repercussions later…” Right? Wrong.

Making that transition from happy go lucky teenager to responsible young earner is so difficult. Cutting out those frivolous purchases at Primark so you can save money for the gas and electric bill is so depressing.

What I like to do to beat those budget blues is at the beginning of the month estimate how much money you have coming in, and then what you’ll have coming out across different days for your bills in that month. Put a little aside for a rainy day if you want to, and then take a look at what you’ve got left – your ‘fun’ money if you will (a fond term a picked up from a friend…) Then, divide your ‘fun’ money by how many weeks there are in that month; for example January is a 4 and a half week month, so if you know you have £300 fun money, that’s £66.67 each week for that month, that you can spend on whatever you like.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Being afraid of picking up the phone is crippling; and something I myself suffer with. Whether it be a small cry for help, or a ‘Lost Season One’ kind of wail until you feel yourself breaking down, kind of call for help, either way, don’t be afraid to ask.
I’m not saying ask for money, these are two very different subjects, what I am saying is don’t be embarrassed to say your struggling. The responsibility of owning a house, bricks and mortar in your name, is HUGE. Sometimes the magnitude of this massive thing can be too much to bare. I know, the times I have opened up to my family, friends or my boyfriend about how I’ve been feeling about a situation has really helped lighten the load. Usually, they don’t have the answer; but being able to share in confidence always helps me feel a little lighter, and sometimes talking it through can help shed the light on the solution.

I really hope this post has enlightened you a little into my life – and what I hope to bring you guys across my blog in 2018. If you have any questions or own your own home and want to share some of your tips, please pop me a comment below.
Now don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here, pretending to be a fairy princess…

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I remember when I first got into blogging; it was about 18 months ago and it was after a succession of my friends had been telling me that I’d love it. That it was influencer’s who were going to take a-hold of advertising, the way we learn about what products we use and clothes we buy. Boy, were they right.

Now, I 100% prefer the way I am marketed to as a buyer in 2018; I am comfortable with the fact that bloggers are usually ‘endorsed’ to tell us about a product or brand they may like. I’ve pretty much finished mourning over the fact I no longer need to reach for my Vogue or Cosmo to learn about what beauty treasures I should be looking to for the months ahead. Instead I watch vlogs to teach me all about what should be included in my skincare routine.

However, sometimes the line between honesty and endorsements becomes clouded. I know I find it hard as a young woman on a modest freelancer’s wage not to gulp in shock when being advertised the best skincare out there is La Mer, when their smallest pot of Creme de La Mer retails at a whopping £120.

Now, I must point out, I am no beauty blogger. I am however, I young homeowner with responsibilities, bills and the everyday pressures of life. I have a budget, but I don’t want my skincare or make-up bag to suffer because of it. If I’m purchasing a more mid-range to expensive product, I want to know that it’s going to last a good few months and that the results are truly going to reflect the price bracket.

I have comprised a list of 5 items below that I have bought time and time again, and would recommend to my Mum, best friends or to you lovely lot. Just because we’re not all prolific bloggers doesn’t mean we should miss out on the good stuff, and trust me, there are brands out there that aren’t going to make you bust open the piggy bank.

La Roche-Posay Micellar Water 200ml – £12

An old favourite – this item has been in my kit bag for at least 2 years. La Roche-Posay are one of the godfather’s of Micellar Waters. Now you can’t walk 100 yards in Boots without seeing various products containing the stuff, even face wipes. But sometimes, it’s best to stick with the brands that were onto it from the very beginning.

La Roche-Posay boast on their website that they’ve been working in partnership with dermatologists for 30 years, and that their aim is to ‘bring the efficacious yet highly tolerated products to those with sensitive skin’. But you know what, I have combination skin and I wouldn’t say this brand is strictly for those with sensitive pores. Instead, it is for women who actively take an interest in maintaining a balanced skincare routine.

A 200ml bottles retails in Boots at £12 (but watch out as they’re often 2 for 1 offers in-store!)

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser – £19.50

The newest item to my skincare routine; When I bought my house back in August, I literally could only just about afford food. My skincare suffered, and I was living off my micellar water and Nivea soft, shudders. Mama Glass to the rescue; she arrived, like an angel in the night and delivered the Essentials Try-Me Kit by Liz Earle. It saved my skin, literally, and brought me back to dewy-life. This kit retails at John Lewis for a neat £25, and it a perfect starter pack for those of you out there desperate to delve into Liz Earle’s world, but not ready to finically invest.

For me the stand out item in this kit was the Skin Repair Moisturiser – it’s light in it’s density but really soaks in an nourishes your skin. It doesn’t just sit on the top layer like some moisturisers. It’s effects last all day, and my skin still feels refreshed when I go to bed at night.

A 50ml tub retails in John Lewis for £19.50

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Primer £38.50

About a year ago I went to Selfridges to visit MAC, and somehow ended up in the chair at the CT stand. Colour me disinterested, but Charlotte Tilbury has always been a brand that just never grabbed me, but maybe that’s my own disillusion, as I know she has a big following.

Wonder Glow Primer was the first thing the MUA used on my face before my foundation, and it changed my world. I am not a primer girl; I have normal to combination skin, so my makeup doesn’t really slip during the day, therefore primer is not for me? Wrong. This primer contains ‘breakthrough Fluorescent Core Light Diffuser that cleverly steals UV light from its surroundings and re-emits it as skin luminosity to disguise and transform drab, sleep-deprived skin…’ which translated means it gives your skin a natural dewy glow underneath your makeup, and it’s results shine through.

It retails at a slightly steeper £38.50, but it’s so worth it, and used sparingly (as you don’t need a lot) could last you 6 months or longer.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick – £42

Foundation is a minefield; you never know which way to go, and bloggers are constantly changing their ‘favourite’; so you’re breaking the bank to try and keep up and instead have over 15 half used bottles of foundation, only 50% of which are your true shade.

I have two foundations in my arsenal; just two. An everyday foundation from L’Oreal and then this little beauty. Only ever called upon for date nights, weekend outings, weddings and/or christenings, Hourglass’s Seamless Foundation Stick is the most beautiful of all the foundations I have ever used. It’s lightweight, but quite full coverage, you can either use it sparingly for a more natural look or build it up to look more chic-glam. I’m always complimented on this foundation whenever I wear it, and I’m always surprised when people have never heard of Hourglass.

One of the more expensive brands, as this products retails at a hearty £42, but it’s really worth the investment. My stick usually lasts me around 6-8 months, and I try and coincide its purchase time with a birthday or Christmas.

You can find Hourglass products at Space NK.

Oribe ‘Gold Lust’ Hair Oil – £48

We’ve all done it, walked into a retail store and let the sales assistant sell us something we love when we’re in-store and then go home, unbox it and think “when the hell am I going to us this?” Well that’s what I did when I came home from Space NK with the Oribe hair oil.

I did gasp when I saw the price of it – I was planning a trip to Israel in the August of 2016 and I knew I needed something to keep my hair nourished in the dry heat. The lovely sales assistant at Space NK sold me this under the guise that it would last me forever and that even though it was a lot of money it was one of the best oils out there, even more so than Moroccan Oil.

As you can see from the picture, my bottle is well loved and nearly finished, but I’ve got something to tell you… this is the same bottle from August 2016! That’s right, it’s lasted me a whole 16 months. Baring in mind I don’t use it everyday, but i’d say I use it 4 times a week as least. It’s beautiful, smells lovely and isn’t too heavy on your hair. It doesn’t have that greasy look of some oils, and for those of you out there who do suffer with frizzy hair like me and have to wash it 3 days in advance of any function, this oil is definitely one for you.

Worth the investment, a 100ml bottle of the Oribe ‘Gold Lust’ Hair Oil is available at Space NK for £48

Have you tried any of these products, if so, what’re your thoughts on the brands and items mentioned? Or got a favourite yourself, I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below.

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Sometimes it’s easier to tackle the everyday challenges of life by pretending to be in someone else’s shoes. Whether it be something as simple as figuring out how the blasted percolator works at the office, to telling that guy you’re just not that into him. Most of the time it’s easier to have an out of body experience, and for a moment it’s someone else’s problem. Most of the time I find myself asking anyone who will listen “what would Carrie Bradshaw do?”

I discovered Sex and the City later in life; I had most of my 20-something friends tell me (up until quite recently) they couldn’t believe I had never seen it. That mine and Carrie’s lives had so many similarities, that it was almost comical I had never seen the show. After binging on series 1-6 in under 2 months, I was hooked. So much so, I got myself straight on Depop and purchased my now ‘never leave home without it staple’ Miss February Playboy necklace, in homage to Miss Bradshaw herself. With that in mind, I’ve comprised the 4 most influential things that Carrie taught me.

1. Don’t trust men, trust good shoes

Mock all you like, but I have never felt like I could take on the world more than when I’m wearing my sassiest pair of high heels. Okay so my bank balance doesn’t quite yet support Manolo Blahnik’s, but when I’m wearing my favourite pair of shoes and I’ve just bossed my first meeting before 11am, I can almost feel myself getting closer to walking in Carrie’s second hand stilettos.

2. Don’t settle

In work, in life, or in love – because you’re worth more than that. Live life the way you want to live it, don’t objectify yourself or let the judgement of others get to you in this evolving social media world. Also remember your idea of settling might be someone’s idea of heaven. Don’t cast your shade upon others especially when you don’t want to be judged yourself. Don’t be that girl. Just embrace your own little world, and work on you. Refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.

3. Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first

I wouldn’t have met the love of my life without Sex and the City; fact. I wandered through life, awash with the mistakes of the men of ghosts past, thinking that a man would come along and save me (something not so easy to admit…) People would always say to me ‘the right guy will come along, when you least expect him’ – do one. The best piece of advice I was ever given was the longest relationship you have in life, is the relationship with yourself. You’ve got to love no1 before you can love anyone else. It’s a battle everyday, some days I really don’t like me (something again, not so easy to admit).

It was only when I fully accepted who I was as a person, and I was happy just doing me, was when I met the one. I don’t think I would have approached him first, without Carrie’s voice ringing in my ears. For me to walk over to a man, ask him for his number, and wait eagerly for a reply, was not in my nature. The fact I didn’t care if he said no – that’s what pushed me to ask him. I would have been okay, even if he didn’t want me because well, I still did.

4. Friends first, men second

So this isn’t always at the forefront of Carrie’s thoughts; like when she doesn’t meet the girls for breakfast one episode, because ‘it’s cold and she want’s to stay in with the Russian’. Really girl? Sometimes I find myself wanting to shake her to her senses through my TV set; but she always seems to realise what’s best for her in the end. I feel myself empathising with Carrie, because I know how it feels to be swept off your feet by a man, or work, or some minuscule un-important thing. Good friends will wait, but really for how long? And why should we expect them to wait for us to reemerge from the ether? My friends have supported me through so many turbulent times, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without them. Carrie taught me to always value my Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and even my Stanford.

In hindsight, is it such a compliment being compared to Carrie Bradshaw? It is what some might say, a back-handed compliment. She certainly has her flaws, but isn’t that what makes her human? Carrie embraces elements of womanhood that some femmes I know would never dare to conquer. I can think of worse TV icons to be compared to, so I’ll strive to be a little bit more like my idol, she’s taught me so much thus far. What’s stopping me now?

Have you ever felt a strong association to a TV character? Or even an avid Sex and the City Fan? Let me know in the comments below.

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