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Manchester food photographer & lifestyle blogger

Hello there, I'm Georgie.

You’ve stumbled upon my website - congrats! Pass the gin… This site acts as my little universe, and if I’ve managed to grab your interest then lucky you, you’ll get to learn all about the things I like to do with my life.

I like to call myself a creative - but as any creatives will tell you, that’s just a disguise for the many guises of my ever growing career.

In short, I do three things:

I’m a food & lifestyle photographer,

I’m giving lifestyle blogging a go (bare with me),

and I own a business called The Blogger Dining Club, established in 2017. The BDC brings bloggers and restaurants together for intimate dining experiences.

That’s me in a nutshell, if you want to learn a little more about the things I do, please feel free to navigate around the menu up at the top of the page.


My 365 Project

Why have I embarked on 365? Have you ever stopped long enough to look back over your decisions to wonder why the hell you made them in the first place? It’s this strange crossroads type…


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The G Word

The G Word

Grief Noun – Definition: intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death. This is going to be a short piece. It’s not really so much a blog post, but more a recognition of something that has happened,…